March 14, 2012

Battling against opportunism & revisionism, the Fight against Lyngdoh & privatization must & will go on!

On 25th October 2008, when the tentacles of depoliticization and privatization enshrined in Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations were confronted and rejected in toto -there were more than 1000 students in that UGBM in the Jhelum lawns. On the 9th of January 2012, when the fate of our JNUSU Constitution and our 40 year old legacy of a socially-sensitive, inclusive, progressive, democratic campus with its culture of dissent and struggle was condemned at the altar of Lyngdoh, -there were a mere 489 students on the floor of the UGBM. That is one of the lowest-ever turnout in the history of UGBMs in JNU. In 2008, the reactionary, casteist Y4E had been identified, targeted and cornered by the entire student community as the traitors of the students’ movement. They were exposed thoroughly and rendered defenseless and were rejected along with Lyngdoh. And when the reactionary alliance of communal fascists and revisionist left is today shamelessly celebrating its surrender to Lyngdoh,  the same Y4E brought out a pamphlet on the 11th of January saying: “That there is near unanimity with regard to the acceptance of Lyngdoh is a vindication of YFES’ informed and consistent pro-Lyngdoh position.” What a shame!
For any responsible, genuine, progressive-minded student of this campus, for one who is mindful of the far-reaching implications of the above developments in fundamentally altering the very fabric of this university, these are extremely unfortunate and trying times. But if one were to ask who are to be held responsible for this sell-out, for this betrayal, -it is undoubtedly our revisionist friends of AISA and their reactionary counterparts in SFI. When AISA asks in one of its pamphlets before the UGBM that who gave YFE the legitimacy to approach the Solicitor General on behalf of the student community, the answer is simple. In the face of the assertive struggle of the students against Lyngdoh, Y4E could never dare sing its praises. If YFE has been given a new lease of life in this campus and can even dare to bring such a pamphlet today brimming with exaltations and vouching (read threatening) to “not leave any stone unturned” to be the trusted watchdogs of Lyngdoh, the students need to hold AISA-SFI and their history of betrayals, compromises and final surrender to LCR responsible. And as such, these are also times when a clear line has been drawn between the agents and opponents of Lyngdoh.
As is obvious, the Birlas, the Ambanis, and ultimately the state with its neo-liberal policies of privatization did not need an ABVP, a NSUI, or even an Y4E to usher in Lyngdoh into JNU-that for four years remained the last bastion of fight against Lyngdoh. An AISA and a SFI were more than willing to facilitate its acceptance in this campus and left no stone unturned to achieve the same. What started with opening the doors for compromise in the name of “maximum possible relaxations” on 6th September 2010 was craftily guided by these cronies of Lyngdoh to its logical conclusion today – a total surrender. This being one of the classic examples of how the parliamentary ‘left’ has historically discharged the function of being the loyal agents of the state and facilitated its anti-people agenda using the rhetoric of the left. The virulent campaign we witnessed, by both AISA and SFI, to clear all possible obstacles in the way of Lyngdoh and the vicious drive to muffle all voices against it was unmatched by any such campaign from what we traditionally call the right wing. After all, in the polarization as it stands today, it is difficult to distinguish the AISA-SFI brand of ‘left’ from their pro-Lyngdoh allies to the right.
The giddy euphoria and jubilation of the activists of both AISA and SFI betrayed the so called “heavy hearted compromise” that they apparently were “forced into”. For these bootlickers of the ruling classes and Lyngdoh, Marxism-Leninism is no longer a revolutionary ideology guiding their practice, but a set of formulas and lofty phrases learned by rote which can be quoted out of context to justify their surrender. In their favourite text ‘Left Wing Communism and Infantile Disorder’ which the opportunists never tire quoting selectively, Lenin says, “to reject compromises ‘on principle’, to reject the permissibility of compromises in general, no matter of what kind, is childishness”. While quoting the same, they however carefully omit the very next lines where he clearly states, “A political leader who desires to be useful to the revolutionary proletariat must be able to distinguish concrete cases of compromises that are inexcusable and are an expression of opportunism and treachery.”
And what these degenerate forces have done in the name of “compromise” is nothing but abject surrender. With this surrender accomplished, they have sacrificed our JNUSU Constitution at the altar of Lyngdoh. So, now they are not only violating the mandate of the JSC which was to ensure JNUSU elections only according to JNUSU Constitution; but are also once again violating the Constitution by handing over charge to an EC the tenure of which has long expired. It is the same degenerate politics that again found reflection in the atrocious casteist remark made by an AISA activist, its shameless defense by the entire organization of AISA, and the tacit silent support of SFI which did not even participate in the protest demonstration demanding strict punishment to Brajesh.
We must not remain in any illusion that these opportunist forces with their politics of defeat, lies, compromise and surrender will ever take the struggle against Lyngdoh forward. For the social fascist SFI, the killers of Singur-Nandigram and the agents of Tata/Birla, whose national position has been one of upholding Lyngdoh as a “progressive law”, privatization and a depoliticized campus is a desperate requirement.  But it is the opportunist and revisionist politics of AISA, with their empty rhetoric of “twin challenges” and “fight against Lyngdoh” that needs to be further exposed and rejected in the coming days. It is the responsibility of every progressive-minded student in this campus to continue our battle against these degenerate, opportunists, compromised revisionist forces and carry forward our uncompromising fight against privatization, brahmanism, meritocracy, Lyngdoh.           

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